Asian Parsnip

Sweet ● Parsnip ● Spicy

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Case size: Single bottle

"DRINKERS CAUTION: Consumption of this beverage may increase adverse side effects such as: Wearing flamboyant floral shirts, engaging in boring historical conversations, writing haiku's, creating your own bog roll, arguing about tea making and carrot slicing, enjoying rules, yearning to drive a Dacia Sandaro, and obviously driving really really slowly."

– Christopher M.

The Inspiration

This was my litmus test from James, could I create something using the humble parsnip? Parsnips were used as a type of sugar before sugar cane started to appear.

Often used to sweeten otherwise dull school menus, they have a nutty profile. James also wanted to include Asian spices, so I had to map out the profile of flavours to see what could pair well.

This humble root vegetable loved by Romans, vilified at schools is now a key ingredient in this multi award-winning gin.