Shipping & Returns

Your States are not quite United as we can’t currently ship to these places. Sorry.

Iowa, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Michigan & Utah.

If you’re living anywhere else, good news we can ship to you.

Orders placed are expected to ship within four (5) business days, though we will make every effort to request the Retailer ship your order earlier.


Our Services:

James Gin provides a Site for the purpose of assisting consumers connect to Retailers to engage in the sale, service, and delivery of alcoholic beverage products (the “Products”) by Retailers. All orders placed are reviewed, accepted and ultimately fulfilled by licensed alcohol beverage retailers (the “Retailer(s)”). James Gin does not itself provide or sell alcoholic beverages or transport alcoholic beverages and is not a licensed alcohol beverage retailer or carrier. 

Our fulfilment partner, Passion Spirits LLC assists in your fulfillment of orders through Retailers across the United States of America. The Products will be shipped to you directly by a Retailer, not James Gin or Passion Spirits LLC. 

Shipping and Delivery Restrictions:

We reserve the right to ask for proof of identity before assisting you with your purchase through a Retailer. The Retailer and its common carrier, if applicable, will require an adult signature with proof of age verification at the time of delivery. Retailers do not ship to PO Boxes.

Shipping and Delivery Policy:

Orders placed are expected to ship within four (4) business days, though We will make every effort to request the Retailer ship your order earlier. If you would like assistance with an overnight order and or for your order to be shipped on the same day, please contact Passion Spirits LLC before placing the order by email at or by phone: Toll Free. 1-844-254-6832, W. +1 (305) 531-4311, F. +1-786-768-2980.

Retailers general ship via several courier services, such as UPS or Fedex. These companies will email a tracking number to you upon pickup from the Retailer. Due to Federal Aviation Administration regulations Retailers are not able to provide overnight shipping for Products that contain 70% ABV or higher. During times of inclement weather, including extreme heat or cold, We recommend shipping overnight to reduce the time in transit or postponing until conditions improve. The purchaser assumes all liability for wines/spirits damaged en route due to weather.

Retailers generally do not ship on weekends or government holidays though may process orders at night and on weekends. If you receive a “Shipping Confirmation” email after 5PM EST on a weekend or holiday, it means the Retailer has processed and packed your order; however, the courier service will ship it on the next business day.

Once a purchase of the Products is made from a Retailer, you assume title and ownership of the wines/spirits. By arranging transportation, the Retailer is providing a service to you and acting on your behalf. You are solely responsible for determining the legality and tax consequences of having wines/spirits shipped to you.

Shipping Regulations/Restrictions:

Certain states prohibit the direct importation of alcohol from certain other states. Orders placed for address within those states may be canceled and you will be issued a complete refund. It is your responsibility to know whether you may receive shipments from out-of-state Retailers. Passion Spirits makes no representation as to any laws, rules or regulations regarding the sale, service, transportation or delivery of alcoholic beverages to you. Passion Spirits is not liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with the terms set forth in these Terms and Conditions or compliance with any applicable laws.

All orders over $500, where the billing and shipping addresses do not match, including gift purchases, will require additional time for credit card authorization. Orders paid by electronic check or PayPal will be shipped after the funds have cleared. International customers who are purchasing gifts for friends and family within the United States must pay through a “confirmed” PayPal account. We are not able to accept credit cards for international transactions.


Passion Spirits LLC guarantees that your payment, less its fees, will be used to purchase and ship the Products from the Retailer to the address that you indicate.

Merchandise Products

Merchandise is supplied by our partners Printful Ltd. We don’t offer returns and exchanges, but if there’s something wrong with your order, please let us know by contacting us at Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 30 days after the product has been received.

Refund Policy:

Please contact Passion Spirits by email ( or phone (Toll Free. 1-844-254-6832, W. +1 (305) 531-4311, F. +1-786-768-2980) before attempting a return. All refund requests must be made within twenty (20) days of the receipt of delivery date. Passion Spirits will work with the Retailer to arrange for a return, refund or credit, but returns, refunds or credits are not accepted by all Retailers in all states. If you suspect a Product is spoiled or defective, please put the cork back into the bottle and contact Passion Spirits.  Passion Spirits will contact the Retailer and advise you of next steps. There are no refunds for empty bottles. Spoiled or defective Products may generally be exchanged for an item of equal or greater value only.

If the Retailer sent you the wrong Product, please contact Passion Spirits immediately to arrange for a replacement through the Retailer.