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Hello American person and greetings from l’il ol' England. I’m delighted by your enthusiasm for my gin - Asian Parsnip, Navy Strength and most recently American Ramstud (more of this is being rushed to your shores at this very moment).

The Power of Three

The Power of Three

The Power of Three

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x 1 American Mustard Gin

x 1 Asian Parsnip

x 1 Navy Strength 

Asian Parsnip
American Ramstud
Navy Strength Asian Parsnip (batch 2)
The Tupac
The Biggie

Some of the words not used on this website:

Deconstructed, Artisanal, Mouthfeel, Crafted, Quaffable, Curated, Authentic, Gutsy, Drenched, Piquant, Succulent, Aviation, Heritage.

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Asian Parsnip

Same as the UK version, but with a new label, with a mandatory message from your Surgeon General warning you not to consume gin under any circumstances, as it could lead to imbecility. But they said that about jazz in the early 20th century, and now look.

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Navy Strength Asian Parsnip

Same flavour, same unique combination of Asian spices and English parsnip,  but now 57% ABV Navy Strength. This means you can store it below decks in wooden barrels, safe in the knowledge that it won’t contaminate your gunpowder. Alternatively you can drink it.

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Asian Parsnip (6 pack)

Before you order a bottle of award-winning Asian Parsnip, think about this. For the shipping cost of one bottle, I can ship you a case of six. Think carefully: once you have drunk one bottle, you’ll want another, probably immediately.

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Navy Strength (6 pack - Batch 002)

 Would you rather sit there for weeks while HMS Dullsville plods across the Atlantic with your next order, or simply pluck it from your drinks globe/sideboard/secret place in the garden privy? Thought so.

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3 Things you should know before trying my gin

Made in the U.K

My gin is made in the UK, the country that brought you the Hawker Hurricane and the Austin Maxi.

Recyclable packaging

The glass bottles are 100% recyclable. Or they can be repurposed for flowers or urine samples.

Handcrafted by Artisans in Sheds

Then produced in industrial quantities in a drinks laboratory, controlled by computers.

Don't just take our word for it...


"Usually I mix my gin with ice and tonic. But James has somehow done it. I tried just in a glass at room temperature. It's really good. I think I'm just going to add ice from now on and consider it a treat to myself after a work day".

Kevin T.

"Our neighbor brought this over and WOW we love it!! Very smooth, great nose. My husband wants it in a cologne. Seriously great job!!"


"I ordered this for my husband for Christmas. He is currently enjoy the gin and he is shocked. He said he thought all gins were the same but James has proved that’s not true. The hubs has declared “best gin ever!” Thanks James".

Upstate New Yorker

"Super exited to have tasted this gin. It is very smooth, you can taste the parsnip, and all of the flavors are very delicate but work perfect together!"


"A great gin to try, even if you've previously tried gin and thought you disliked it. The flavours are great, and it makes a lovely drink, great for cocktails too!"

James Gin Enjoyer

Watch the story

We recorded some of the key moments in the long and gin-addled journey of Asian Parsnip - now presented here in a binge watch boxed set for your viewing pleasure.