Navy Strength Asian Parsnip

Sweet ● Spiced ● Intense

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Case size: Single Bottle

"What a flavorful Gin. One would think that the English gentleman loves on meat and potatoes but this is proof they hide the good stuff. Not that meat and potatoes are wrong, it just gets a little boring with time. This gin is tasty by itself. I often drink it as is after chilling it a little."

– Ubi. R

The Inspiration

This was my litmus test from James, could I create something using the humble parsnip? Parsnips were used as a type of sugar before sugar cane started to appear.

Often used to sweeten otherwise dull school menus, they have a nutty profile. James also wanted to include Asian spices, so I had to map out the profile of flavours to see what could pair well.

This humble root vegetable loved by Romans, vilified at schools is now a key ingredient in this multi award-winning gin.