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Navy Strength Asian Parsnip

Navy Strength Asian Parsnip
Navy Strength Asian Parsnip
Navy Strength Asian Parsnip
Navy Strength Asian Parsnip

Navy Strength Asian Parsnip

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Same flavour, same unique combination of Asian spices and English parsnip,  but now Navy Strength.

57% ABV means you can store it below decks in wooden barrels, safe in the knowledge that it won’t contaminate your gunpowder. Alternatively you can drink it.

It costs more because we have to pay more duty on the alcohol - but you don’t need so much to fall overboard. Not that we’d advise that, obviously.

The limited edition label includes a QR code that links you to an exclusive video from me - which is more modern and much easier than me having to sign all the bottles.

So, in essence, a stronger version of Asian Parsnip that costs more but is a vital contribution to defeating the French.

Serve generously over ice with plain tonic water and a slice of fresh parsnip, in a cylinder of glass.

James Gin Asian Parsnip contains:

Parsnips - The Emperor Tiberius accepted part of the tribute payable to Rome by Germania in the form of parsnips. For the purposes of buying my gin, parsnips should not be considered a currency.

Ginger - Although used in traditional medicine and as a dietary supplement, there is no good evidence that consuming ginger or its extracts has any beneficial effect on human health. But just in case it does, it’s in the gin.

Caraway Seed - Finland supplies about 28% of the world's caraway seed. Also many of the best racing drivers. This is because the word ‘car’ appears in both job descriptions.

Cubeb Pepper - In the Chinese Tang dynasty, physicians administered cubeb pepper to restore appetite, cure "demon vapors", darken the hair, and perfume the body. My gin will also do all of these things, possibly. Let us know how you get on and send photographs.

Fenugreek - Desiccated fenugreek seeds have been recovered from the tomb of Tutankhamen. He was also quite desiccated, so these seeds are of more use in gin than in the afterlife.

Cardamom - There are two main types of cardamom - green and black. My gin contains one of them. Guess which.

Grains of Paradise - John Russell characterised grains of paradise in The Boke of Nurture (1460) as "hot and moist”. Use that information as you wish.

Liquorice Root  - The English common name is spelled "liquorice" in most of the Commonwealth, but "licorice" in the United States. This is because Americans can’t spell.

Sweet Orange - Since you ask, the colour was named after the fruit in about 1512.

Juniper - Gin must contain juniper or it isn’t gin. In fact, the name ‘gin’ is a shortening of the Dutch word for juniper, ‘jenever’. Not to be confused with ‘Geneva’ which is both a place and a convention but not a drink.

Angelica Root  - Angelica Root was also the name of a famous 1920s blues singer from the Mississippi region. Here, it's botanical.

Coriander Seed  - Some people are genetically indisposed towards coriander, and believe it tastes of soap. They’re just weirdos, so it’s in the gin.

Water - Asian Parsnip gin is diluted to 40% ABV (or 57% for Navy Strength) by adding water. Because we appreciate the work of 19th century civil engineers, we use tap water; not hand-drawn Highland Spring or Wiltshire chalk stream water, because it wouldn’t be as good.

Your States are not quite United as we can’t currently ship to these places. Sorry.

Iowa, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Georgia & Utah.

If you’re living anywhere else, good news - you can check our shipping details here.

'Pride of place in my home bar'

'... and there are at least 26 other gins here that no longer measure up to this genius formula'


Navy Strength Asian Parsnip (6 PACK)

Navy Strength Asian Parsnip (6 PACK)
Navy Strength Asian Parsnip (6 PACK)
Navy Strength Asian Parsnip (6 PACK)
Navy Strength Asian Parsnip (6 PACK)

Navy Strength Asian Parsnip (6 PACK)

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Before you order a bottle of our Limited Edition Navy Strength Asian Parsnip, think about this. For the shipping cost of one bottle, I can ship you a case of six. Think carefully: once you have drunk one bottle, you’ll want another, probably immediately. 

Would you rather sit there for weeks while HMS Dullsville plods across the Atlantic with your next order, or simply pluck it from your drinks globe/sideboard/secret place in the garden privy? Thought so.

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