American Ramstud

American Ramstud
American Ramstud
American Ramstud
American Ramstud
American Ramstud
American Ramstud

American Ramstud

A special relationship and fire on the tongue
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My third gin, American Ramstud, has been made first and foremost for sale in
the USA. Elsewhere, it’s called American Mustard but we can’t actually call it
that on American export bottles, because the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and
Trade Bureau think you might mistake it for actual mustard and put it on a
steak. So we’ve relabelled it American Ramstud, which in fact sounds much
more American. People in the know will know.

American Ramstud is both an anagram and and an abstract signifier of
America’s greatness. In producing this gin, I am acknowledging the UK’s debt
to the Land of the Free and celebrating the special relationship our two
nations enjoy.

It’s a bit like the one Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher had. Theirs
helped to end the Cold War. Conversely, we will create warmth in your belly
and a slight sensation of fire on the tongue.

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Enjoy over ice with tonic on the back porch while discussing how those goddamn Limeys spell so many of their words incorrectly.

Yellow mustard seed – provides the mustard component of American Mustard.

Gherkin – the oft unacknowledged ally of mustard in enlivening any patty-based portable bread and meat delicacy. Invisible in the gin, so you don’t have to pick it out.

Juniper - Gin must contain juniper or it isn’t gin. In fact, the name ‘gin’ is a shortening of the Dutch word for juniper, ‘jenever’. Not to be confused with ‘Geneva’ which is both a place and a convention but not a drink.

Coriander Seed  - Some people are genetically indisposed towards coriander, and believe it tastes of soap. They’re just weirdos, so it’s in the gin.

Angelica Root  - Angelica Root was also the name of a famous 1920s blues singer from the Mississippi region. Here, it's botanical.

Dried tomato – included not just for its flavour-enhancing properties but so we can have a debate over how to pronounce it.

Liquorice Root  - Seventh son of Anjelica (see above), Liquorice was born blind and therefore became a blues guitarist. His band, The Allsorts, remain unknown beyond the Mississippi Delta.

Orange Peel - Since you ask, the colour was named after the fruit in about 1512.

Cubeb Pepper - In the Chinese Tang dynasty, physicians administered cubeb pepper to restore appetite, cure "demon vapors", darken the hair, and perfume the body. My gin will also do all of these things, possibly. Let us know how you get on and send photographs.

Rosemary – not the mythical riveting factory worker of American WWII recruitment posters, just a herb.

Caraway Seed - Finland supplies about 28% of the world's caraway seed. Also many of the best racing drivers. This is because the word ‘car’ appears in both job descriptions.

Ginger - Although used in traditional medicine and as a dietary supplement, there is no good evidence that consuming ginger or its extracts has any beneficial effect on human health. But just in case it does, it’s in the gin.

Bay – this comes in several forms, such as James and San Francisco. Here it is a leaf, which is easier to fit inside our still.

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"Our 4th gin order from @MrJamesMay included the newest flavor, American Mustard, and I must say…is a cracker. Dare I say, better than the exquisite Asian Parsnip? And since our current temp in The Tundra of Minnesota is minus 4C, was already properly chilled for tasting."

Brian Maas

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